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Marlisa will help you to target and promote healthful products, programs and services.

marlisa-speaks-on-stage Marlisa Brown: Marketing Specialist, Certified Diabetes Educator, Chef, Author & Registered Dietitian

Audiences will leave Marlisa’s programs with the tools they need to take action.

Marlisa has provided health solutions for more then 2 ½ decades

into food service trends, life balance, food allergies, diabetes, the obesity crisis and more.

Expert insights

creative new thought provoking concepts and solutions, providing insight on trends for health oriented products.

Marlisa will

Target and promote healthful products programs and services while igniting and inspiring her audiences to this new copy: Marlisa will provide you with the tools to target and promote healthful products, programs and services, while igniting and inspiring your audiences.

Marlisa will share

how she developed multi-million dollar consumer health and infomercial products and she will provide tips from the hundreds of successful wellness programs to improve health, lower healthcare costs and improve productivity.

Marlisa shares actionable steps

that can be used to achieve balance through fitness-family-fun and finance.

Expertise, Experience, Education and Entertainment

customized to meet your needs.

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Marlisa truly cares about her clients making healthy solutions, both fiscally and physically, for effective productivity, profit and personal success. Bring in Marlisa to be part of your next event.

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Marlisa Brown's pictureFor more than 2 ½ decades Marlisa work with more than 20,000 clients in the culinary arts, nutrition, medical care, chronic disease, sports nutrition and direct patient care has given her the insiders track of what the public needs and is looking for. During her career she has received many awards and her extensive experience and expertise provides solutions from; nutrition, marketing, self-help, food trends, gluten free diets and more.

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